The Leo Controversy: Mansoor Ali Khan’s latest Clarification

Mansoor Ali Khan, an actor from the film ‘Leo,’ faced backlash for comments he made about his co-star Trisha Krishnan.

He mentioned her role in the movie in a controversial way during an interview.

leading to criticism from many in Tamil Nadu, including Khushboo Sundar, Lokesh Kanakaraj, and Chinmayi Sripada.

To counter this, Mansoor Ali Khan clarified on social media, stating his comments were meant to praise Trisha’s role, comparing it to Hanuman lifting a mountain.

He claimed his words were edited and taken out of context, leading to the uproar.

During a media conference, he emphasized the importance of Trisha’s role in ‘Leo’ and expressed respect for her. 

He lamented how his words were misconstrued and denied any intention to disrespect anyone, stressing his positive track record with actresses and his respect for women.

In Tamil, he conveyed being misunderstood and accused others of misrepresenting him for personal agendas, claiming it was affecting his film career.

He defended his character, citing his contributions to society and urged people to consider his positive actions.

His initial comments, referencing a missing scene with Trisha and past roles involving sensitive subjects like rape, triggered severe criticism from various quarters.

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