Can ‘Mangalavaram’ Succeed with This Twist?

‘Mangalavaram,’ scheduled to hit the big screens on November 17, is generating high expectations among movie enthusiasts.

The filmmakers are making every effort to secure the presence of the iconic star Allu Arjun at the pre-release event.

With a strong belief among buyers that the film only needs positive word-of-mouth to emulate the success of ‘Virupaksha,’ anticipation is building.

the positive response to the recent horror thriller ‘Ma Oori Polimera 2’ has demonstrated that audiences are willing to watch such movies with solid content. 

Insider information hints at an incredible twist in the plot that promises to completely transform the movie.

The lead actor, Payal Rajput, plays a character driven by lust, resulting in shocking and heinous acts, according to sources.

Ajay Bhupati has reportedly crafted a captivating and unique character, adding to the team’s confidence during the trailer launch.

‘Mangalavaram’ is expected to offer rich content, and the supporting cast is equally promising.

The Diwali season is reserved for dubbed releases, making the following week crucial for Tollywood.

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