20 Unique Passa Designs For Brides `
27 January, 2023

20 Unique Passa Designs For Brides

As we enter the wedding season, here are some unique 'passa' designs for the glamorous brides-to-be.

By Monisha G Kumar

Traditional kundan passa

Style the 'kundan passa' with heavily embroidered lehengas or anarkali to embrace the divine beauty. This is the ideal piece of jewellery for making a bold statement as kundan can never let you down.

Contemporary diamond passa

It is truly said that diamonds are girls best friend. Diamond passa's can be the go to choice for the brides who wish to blend both traditional as well as modern culture.

Pearl embellishment passa

Pearls, in recent years are gaining more attraction and is seen as a symbol of legacy. One can give it the appearance of royalty by using gold-plated metal.

Double decker moon shaped passa

Passa jewellery, especially of the double decker variety, is ubiquitous and universally flattering. This is one of the designs that brides enjoy the most, and it draws a lot of attention.

Silver passa embedded with mirror work

Mirror based passa has added a new dimension to the passa designs for every women. Boho Jewellery has been an emerging trend and can be the go-to-option for a boho-chic bride.

Kundan polki passa

An Indian bride's wedding dress has often paid tribute to her heritage and reflect her family's history. 'Kundan polki passa' is definitely a stunning bridal must-haves.

The minimalistic passa

Alia Bhatt has set some major minimalistic bridal goals for the brides of 2023. If you're a bride who wish to look simple yet elegant on the D-day, the minimalistic passa is your bridal accessory.

Chaandbali passa

The one-of-a-kind Chaandbali passa design is created paying complete attention to detail and meticulous stone setting. Your lehenga or gown will look even more beautiful with the elaborate work done.

Heavily jewelled passa

The brides these days have set the trend of wearing heavily jewelled passa. These intricate passa designs seem like art. Pearls are a classic accessory when layered with kundan and stones.

Floral passa

Wearing a floral passa with tassels and strings with beads would make a bride look stunning. This style of passa can also be worn throughout the haldi and mehendi ritual to give you a floral vibe.

Multi-chaandbali passa

The multi-chaandbali passa is intrigued with smaller chaandbalis with a larger one at the centre. The grandeur of this passa can be achieved by adding a small 'maang teeka'.

Jalidaar mirror embellished passa

This particular passa is a great head-turner, and the fact that it is embellished with so many mirrors gives it a very beautiful appearance. You can just forget about the maang teeka and go with this.

Arch shaped passa

The arc-shaped passa design has a semi-traditional style and pleases the eyes. It will suit wonderfully with the wedding attire if you find the traditional heavy jewellery to be too loud for you.

The multicoloured intimation passa

The multicoloured passa is undoubtedly a statement maker and will look extremely beautiful if carried with the proper hair and makeup. Adding this to your bridal attire is a brilliant idea.

Gold passa

Gold jewellery is timeless and complements any culture's clothing. Gold-obsessed brides who want to make an investment in jewellery should avoid pearl and stone passa designs.

The mughal era passa

When it comes to passa, nothing can beat the royalty and uniqueness the Mughal era passa has. Passa fashioned in the manner of the Mughal era will never let you down and will make you feel royal.

The vibrant passa

The wedding season is a great time to experiment with colourful jewellery, as it is now one of the most popular trends. Make yourself look utterly upbeat by including colours like red and green.

Trinklet embellished passa

Passas decorated with trinklets are truly a design that is pleasing to the sight, and they take their reference from the ancient passa patterns, which feature a presence of solid gold in the design.

Gold with floral motif passa

This one is for the brides who adore playing around with the different gold jewellery pieces they have. Complete your look by accessorising it with a 'maang teeka' and some matching earrings.

Vintage style passa

Incredibly retro vibes may be picked up from this passa design. Combined with the 'maang teeka', this passa is a stunning addition to any bride's wedding day ensemble.

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